About 0xbacker
Support products and projects you love - ideas can come true!

0xbacker (pronounced zero-x-backer) provides a community-based marketplace for backers to purchase and support the products they love. 0xbacker is designed to help innovators find the support and resources they need to make their ideas a reality through the use of marketplace and reward-based crowdfunding - open and fair. We strive to help all creative projects, no matter big or small, to come to life with the support of our community of backers.

0xbacker's Mission:

0xbacker is on a mission to create a truly community-based marketplace and crowdfunding environment. We strives to provide a venue for products to establish themselves through our online marketplace and bring all sorts of projects to life. Be it latest innovations, or mom-and-pop store expansion, or reimagination of classic board games - every one of them is an opportunity to create something unique and special.

How it works?




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